My eldest daughter Lucy, who is now 12, was born with bilateral coloboma. This is a cleft palate of the eye. Lucy has keyhole-shaped pupils and her retina was not formed properly, she has blind spots and no peripheral vision.

I joined Look Sussex about 6 years ago and was amazed at all the hard work and dedication the Trustees showed towards this charity. We enjoyed going to events as a family and made so many new friends.

I love watching how confident Lucy is within the group and how she interacts confidently with all the other children. I also love that siblings are included in the charities events, as, this helps them to meet and chat with other siblings who have VI brothers and sisters.

I decided to become a trustee of Look Sussex 3 years ago to give something back to this amazing small charity based in Sussex.

I love working alongside the other Trustees to plan events. I also enjoy chatting with other parents, to share stories about what is happening in our lives with Lucy at different times and share advice and experiences.